Bail Allowed After Booking

Should you be unfortunate in being arrested for what may only be deemed to be a minor offense, you do not necessarily have to spend time in jail after the charges have been administered downtown. In the process, the booking officer could put you in touch with a local bail bondsman to arrange for your pre-trial release. That is to say that in terms of the law, this offense needs to be adjudged in court. Orange County Bail Bonds may be issued after the judge has set terms and conditions for further bail in view of the fact that he may wish to see you in his courtroom again to hear your case.

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During that reprieve, it is a generally accepted practice to have bail bondsmen working for private companies like Acme Bail Bonds advise their clients on how they are expected to approach the bench if you will. This entails arriving on time for the next court appearance. It should also have something to do with how you address the court. That is to say, you should not attempt to argue with the judge or state prosecutor even if you are really well and truly innocent.

It could also be related to how you dress for court. Perhaps there is that too. The bail bondsman may have to prepare his client for worst case scenarios in which case there should always be opportunities to appeal against a court’s ruling. And it which case, a further bail hearing would have to be set. Unless of course, against the advice of the bail bondsman, there have been contraventions.

Like the judge, the bail bondsman should not be feared. He or she is there to help you. And should you have any doubts, you are free to ask.

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